Welcome to Okanagan Wind

The Okanagan Wind power projects, which are the first wind power facilities in the Okanagan region of British Columbia, are located on Crown land and developed in collaboration with First Nations communities.

Our projects use the latest generation turbine technology, and total 30 megawatts of installed renewable energy when completed. The electricity we generate is sold to BC Hydro under a 40-year electricity purchase agreement, thereby helping to green the province’s electricity grid.

Experienced construction and equipment providers were engaged under fixed-price contracts to construct and deliver the projects, which achieved operations in early 2017. The Okanagan Wind projects represent approximately 6% of British Columbia’s installed wind capacity.

The Okanagan Wind projects were developed by Zero Emission Energy Developments, Inc. and are sponsored by InstarAGF Asset Management Inc., a Canadian-based owner and operator of essential infrastructure assets.

We are committed to contributing to a more sustainable future.

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